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If you have ever been in financial crisis, you have probably either heard of or have taken advantage of the power of payday loans. Also known as cash advance loans; they are the ultimate redeemers of those who have been in situations where urgent bills have to be paid off without any possibility of delay.

Payday or Cash advance loans started off not more than a decade ago. Previously, they used to exist in different forms but recently, they are becoming incredibly popular due to their exceptional ability to provide loans even to those who have a bad credit history and are unable to request loans from any bank. Even if they can, they may not be able to wait for the lengthy verification process that banks usually carry on compared to the instant verification process of payday loans. The speed and ease of the payday loans is their greatest advantage. Those who have already experienced the benefits of these facilities understand the power of these loans and make use of them confidently whenever they require urgent cash.

To qualify for a payday loan, the borrower has to prove himself as a salaried employee. A fixed source of income, a checking account and an ID proof is enough for obtaining the loan. The greatest advantage you can benefit from is ‘no credit check’ facility these payday loans provide you with. Even with a bad credit history, you are eligible to receive these loans as quickly as anyone else. Upon approval, you just have to give your lender a post dated check and your money is transferred to your account in just a few hours time. Depending upon your salary and your requirement, you can receive up to $1500 as the loan amount.


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21 Dec

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Sometimes even a quick loan is not that easier to borrow because of many documents that may be missing at the time of sending the online application for borrowing money to combat an emergency. Or, a fax machine may not be working at that time. Such situations are not a hurdle in the way of taking out debit card loans- no faxing.

These are the quick loans that do not require any document of your employment, residence, proof of monthly salary and other papers. All you need to prove is that you have a bank account and a debit card. This card itself is the proof that you can repay the loan in time. So, the lenders will offer you an amount of loan if you have a debit card in your name. The approved loan amount is electronically deposited in your bank account and you can withdraw it by the card.

Debt card loans no faxing range from $100 to $1500 for two weeks. You can borrow the loan against a post-dated cheque to the lender. On the due date the lender will submit the cheque in your bank account and will get back the loan with interest payments. We can say that these are easier loans for emergency purpose as all hassles are out of your way.The lenders do not incur risks in offering the loan. So, usually, they do not subject the applicants to any credit checks. With late payments, CCJs and defaults, you carry risks but these loans are available to you in an instant. The lenders will not pull your credit report, – Quick Decision.

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Payday loans are a short term loans that will help you cover any spending needs you may require it for. A payday loan is kept secured against any future pay days you have from your employer. So if you get paid on 20th of every month you would let the payday loan lender know when you submit your form for a payday loan, they will then take the money back from you when your next payday is. These types of loans help people when they are in a situation where they urgently need some cash to cover a bill or anything else you might need the money for.

The Loan Lenders also offer the loan instantly when you submit your application form online, you could have the funds in your bank account within a couple of hours. There are a few requirements to borrow money from a Payday Loan Lender. They are – Need to be over 18, have a US bank account, be a US resident and also be in full time work and have worked there for a minimum of 2 months.

The interest charged on a Payday Loans is a bit more higher then a normal loan, but if you think about it you will only be keeping this loan until your next payday so it works out around $25 for every $100 you borrow.

Another great thing about these loans is if you have bad credit, any CCJ against you or any default payments most Payday Lenders do not check this so 99% of the time you will get accepted even if you have bad credit or have been declined for a normal loan in the past. No faxing payday loans are the quickest and easiest way to get a payday loan, this means when applying for a payday loan you can get access to the money within hours of submitting your online application form without having to fax any documents to the loan lender. You can also use these loans for any reason, whether its shopping, touring, paying bills or anything else you might need the money for. – Advance Loans.

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Small financial problems can be faced by anyone but may of us are not prepared to fight with them. Insufficiency of funds may act as a financial barrier in sorting out short term financial problems. So does that mean you can not wipe off such small problems? No, that’s not true! Now small financial exigencies can be effectively handled on time with the help short term loans. This financial help is extended for a short period to borrowers and one can advance small cash help easily.

The funds advanced through these loans can be utilized for various purposes such as:-
o Paying medical bills
o Utility bills
o Electricity bills
o Credit card dues
o Bank overdraft expenses

You can grab small financial help through these loans. A loan amount of $100-$1500 is offered to borrowers. The repayment term is short and stretches from 15-31 days only. The funds have to be repaid within this period and they carry slightly higher rates of interest. The higher interest rate is because of the short term and collateral free nature of these loans.

Bad creditors can also seek loan approval even if they are struggling with bad credit records. One can qualify despite having bad credit records such as arrears, late payments, insolvency, missed payments, defaults, IVA and other such records. This time you will not have to face any humiliation and rejection.A simple eligibility criterion is must for loan approval. Anyone can qualify if he successfully meets the criteria:-
o Applicant must be 18 years of age
o Must have a valid bank account
o Must be earning a regular income since past 6 months